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Welcome To My Home Page

Hello My name is Danny Figueroa and this is a web site dedicated to those people interested in the GM-H-body-Monza Vega and there Clones Pontiacs Astre,Sunbird-Oldsmobiles Starfire,Firenza-Buick Skyhawk. I will gladly give any information such as pulling motors and some modifications and I am more than willing to hear any input from those who visit my site so as they say in the hot rod world GET IN HOLD ON AND SHUT UP

 This site is primarily for those H-body owners who race there H-bodies. My red 77 Mirage has a 383 stroker, a turbo 350 full reverse manual trans, and 373 gears in the rear. My goal is to have a 11 second street car on street tires. The rear end is the weak link, but I have an 8 3/4 chrysler rear that was made for a 71 vega. This rear will be put in my Mirage once I figure out a way for a torque arm bracket.
check out the latest pictures from the Vega/Monza event at Island Dragway


Welcome To My Home Page

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Sorry I have not updated my web site. It is real cold in new york so the Monza project is on hold till spring. I brought the Red Mirage to Island Dragway and it ran a 13.56 at 99.35 MPH that was on street tires 2 inch exhaust and cats. I was also running out of fuel and I need to address a sloppy timing chain the block was align honed. So once I get these problems solved I will be back at the track and hope to hit the 12.90 range.


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Went to Island Dragway in New Jersey on june 18. It was 87 degrees and 100% humidity. The Monza went 13.25 at 103.78 mph spinning the good years. Next time at the track will be sept 26 for a Vega Monza event and I will have slicks for this event. I plan on bringing a number of people so I might have other cars other than monza'a on my site. I have to respect my friends and there cars as well. I believe there will be a 1999 Camaro, a 2002 Mustang, a 2002 Corvette and a 2002 WS6 Trans Am. I hope to spank all 4 of them but I will take what i can get. Later and see you all soon.

79 monza spyder future plans are a 377cu in with a 5 speed